Irezumiya Ishi  刺青屋石 Tattoo Studio Ishi

Traditional hand poked  japanese tattoos

Horimono 彫物

(traditional  japanese tattoos)

Tebori 手彫り 

(japanese traditional  tattooing method)

Even though tattoos in Japan were prohibited  for centuries the traditional Japanese tattoo (horimono) flourished in the late Tokugawa period. Their shaddings, colors and designs flow over the body, often incorporating the wearers anatomy. The traditional designs are based on ukiyoe prints and have their own meanings. They should be appreciated and clearly recognized from a distance of several meters. Horimono had a beautiful sense of continuity and movement but it is hard to see and undertsand without previous knowledgement. It requires special techniques and years of apprenticeship.  Although not looked upon very highly in Japanese society, horimono still a beautiful and intricate art form.


IREZUMIYA ISHI is dedicated to the art of horimono , we strive to preserve and respect their tradition.


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